OEM Microdot Fitment Accreditation

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The OEM Module is for OEM Fitment Technicians and Supervisors (Admin). Fitment Technicians fit microdots to vehicles produced by a Motor vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Manufacturer Importer Distributor (MID). Microdotting at OEM Level is done before the vehicle leaves the manufacturing plant or yard, and the vehicle is still under the OEM or MID Control.

OEM plants include Vehicles, Trailers, Motorcycles and Yellow Metal or Plant and Agricultural Equipment manufacturers. This manual stipulates the equipment required in the Fitment Area within an OEM Plant and the procedure to follow when fitting a vehicle with Microdots. (Please note that for large OEM’s producing thousands of vehicles per month, the equipment and requirements will differ considerably). Recoveri offers tailor-made solutions for large OEM’s.

Please click on the links below to download your Course Manual and Microdot International Standards documents.

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